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The purpose of this document is to introduce you to me → Eric Baldoni. I am a graphic designer with a focus on cooking up responsive user friendly accessible websites and apps (ingredients include html/css/php/jQuery). I am currently residing in Portland Oregon, and if you are interested in learning more details about my web design/development work please visit my studio website Bitclone Web Design or contact me via EMAIL. In addition to my web career I am also an active musician who writes about the vibrant Portland music scene and other things musical that interest me via the blog Etherbomb. I have played bass for over 20 years, most recently in the surf/country/instrumental band Audios Amigos, a juggernaught of fun.

Click here for five good jokes about bassists (we're easy targets)

  1. How do you get a bass player to turn down? Put sheet music in front of him.
  2. What do you throw a drowning bass player? His Amp.
  3. What do a bass and a lawsuit have in common? Everyone is relieved when the case is closed.
  4. What's the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a bassist? The vacuum cleaner has to be plugged in to suck.
  5. The guitarist hears screaming and yelling, runs into the rehearsal room and finds the bass player and the drummer fighting. He calms them down enough to find out what's going on.
    The bass player says, "He turned one of my tuning machines and made the bass out of tune!!".
    The guitarist asks, "Well, why don't you just retune it?".
    The bassist replies, "He won't tell me which one!!!!".

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Oh hey! You're still here? Have a look at these four examples of recent web design/development accomplishments, and then why not hire me to do some work with you.

Confluence- Brand/Web design/development
Web Design Project Thumb
Lloyd Eco- Brand/Web design/development
Web Design Project Thumb
Birdfight- Brand/Web design/development
Web Design Project Thumb
Backspace- Brand/Web design/development
Web Design Project Thumb

Wait! You survived that? Let me show you four photographs I took of Portland, we live and work in an amazing two story studio located right on the edge of Forest Park.

Oregon coast...I wish I were there right now! Our state inspires.
Portland Oregon Coast
I ride my bike in Forest Park all year...sometimes it's a bit muddy.
Muddy Web Designer
Forest Park: Home of the Banana Slug Awareness Program. Slimy!
Banana Slug Awareness Program
Some wonderful mornings this is the view from the studio.
Portland Web Design Studio